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Power Khan

Garlic Extract

It has anti-biotic, anti-fungus effect, and is efficacious against amoebic dysentery, and shows regular reaction to generative cells and other cells.

Anti-cancer efficacy: Out of experiments on animals, restraints liver cancer, stormach cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer.

Anti-biotic efficacy: 1㎎ of allicin has sterilization efficacy worth 15units of Penicillin.

Restraints heart disease: Lower the blood pressure and blood Cholesterol density, and prevent blood coagulation in the blood vessel.

Stamina: A tonic, robust, recovery from exhaustion, and allithiamine will stimulate regeneration, Zinc ingredients / discharge abundant semens

Anti-senility: Restraints generation of activated Oxygen, and fat peroxide in human body

Develop Muscle: Creatine ingredient expedites to develop muscle.

Recovery from exhaustion: Allithiamine ingredient dissolves fatigue Materials.

Neutralizing action: Cysteine methionine ingredient performs dissolving function

Mandarin Orange Peel Extract

[Medical Actions]

Essential oil ingredient has a smooth stimulating action to digestive organs, thus stimulates digestion.

Stimulative phlegm discharging action, and curing asthma action, and anti-ulcer action, and anti-gastric-juice action.

Strengthening heart action to Heart and Blood vessel System, and Higher the blood pressure, and anti-allergy, stimulating generation of bile, restraint of smooth muscle in uterus, anti-biotic actions.

[Efficacy] Strengthening Stomach action, Bowel medicine

Aroma and bitterness ingredients will increase volume of gastric-juices, and stimulates appetite, thus directional strengthening stomach action. Ingredients of peel will shrink kidney and kidney vein, thus will act to reduce the amounts of urine, and anti-biotic action against staphylococcus.

There are efficacies of aid to spleen, and increasing vitality, symptoms out of gas in spleen and stomach, like abdominal dropsy, belching, emesis, feeling nausea, can be smoothened. Good for
indigestion out of weak spleen and stomach, and cures symptoms out of long stay of dampness in spleen and stomach, like gas in the stomach, listless limbs, watery feces, thick furred tongue.

Drying dampness and dissolving phlegm action will be effective for symptoms of abundant consumption and phlegm out of congested damp phlegm.

A diuretic effect will control indigestion and symptoms of poor discharge of urine.

Black Pepper

Effective for symptoms of chillness, emesis, cholera morbus.

A peptic action

Watermelon Extract

It can be used on a sore in the mouth, a cystitis, blood nourishment, a cordial in a traditional oriental medicine and folk remedies. Also it can be used in a diuretic action, healing burns, neutralizing alchol, a disease symptomized by thirst, an edema, a stomatitis, etc.

Panax Ginseng Powder

[Medical Actions]

Ethanol extract of ginseng stimulates generation of glucocorticoid, adrenocortical hormone, strengthening functions of adrenal cortex for various stresses.

By stimulating adrenal cortex, improves cholin functioning, and lowering blood pressure, enlivening respiratory function, restrains experimental over blood sugar, improves functions of insulin, increasing red blood cell and hemoglobin, and activates actions of an alimentary canal.

Saponin powder is effective in anti-tiredness, improvement of various organs, improvement of growing a sex gland, lowering blood sugar.


Broadly used for strengthening heart, peptic, improving vitality, sedation, and tonic effect, and applicable for curing weak stomach on poor functioning of metabolism, and satiation of the patients, indigestion, emesis, breast pain, atonic dirrhea, anorexia, etc.

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